Feminist Labor Lab is in the process of being rethought and reimagined. Many of its former members, along with many new collaborators, will now be working together in Just Transitions.

Feminist Labor Lab convenes conversation, analysis, and counterpractices that respond to how capitalism and labor process shape everyday life. We are informed by histories of gender, race, colonialism, and empire as we work to understanding emerging technologies. We have spun off groups and projects  related to technology, design, labor, ethics, and politics.

The lab meets every other week, interspersed by weeks for projects and related groups. Together, we present work in progress, offer feedback, read together, mentor one another.

Our work is interconnected with other collective spaces on campus, including but not limited to (blogroll!): Nature Space and Politics, Institute for Practice Ethics, Design Lab, and the Autonomist Marxism Reading Group.

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Questions? Email: Dorothy Howard, Feminist Labor Lab at dhoward@ucsd.edu.